You can't fight the Satanic One World Order, unless ....

Its illogical to fight the Satanic Lucerfian NWO by repeatedly cajoling your fellow citizens to rise UP, Stand Up, and speak UP, and not go along with the tyranny that is set in place piece by piece. Its pure naive, stupidity. Individuals are split up and can not fight the combined power of the military, police, politicians, false doctors, evil bankers, complicit corporations, etc etc..

Censorship and raised voices is not going to help... secret supposed anonymous comments is not going to inspire the downtrodden to finally say enough is enough.

The only power that can stop the NWO is the Lord himself. Its not complacent, everything is nicey nice Buddism or some group faith false religion, including the majority Churchianity. For they too are complicit.

The evil ones are tooo strong. Admit it, read the articles about their rituals and worship services of groups and Hollywoodian stars praising their god, HERE and everywhere. Its not a secret.

With faced with your losing your life, etc etc.... you will buckle down and accept whatever you will receive to stay alive.

Unless you have real faith and real INDIVIDUAL CONVICTION and PERSONAL EXPERIENCES in LIFE... in Jesus, you are going to fail. And even then, the vast majority will still die. Choose your end time battles wisely

Prophetically we win after this evil scenario is fully released according to their road map and according to the chronological order of their ILK taking over. For that is also prophesied. They can do nothing except they be given permission to do so.

They seemingly WIN in the END TIME, until man rises up...NO..NO..NO.

They lose at Armageddon, when Jesus RETURNS. And that is a long way aways.

The only person the NWO is afraid of Jesus. As you have to be individually aligned to HIM.... to be the ultimate victor.

Forget group faith, forget politics, as they are all aligned as it is called the One World Government. Its both Communist and Capitalist, Democratic and Republican, Liberal and Conservative. Forget politics, they re all in bed with Satanic forces. Dont expect a public uprising to spare you. Stop suggesting any new man will arise to save the planet..

((Article written by myself, concerning web authors that think they can get people to rise up in mass against the NWO))