King David's Secret Chord ?

            and Use-age in End Time Teleportation

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Frequency (Hz)      Piano Note

33.333                           C1
53.986 54                      A1
87.350 88                      F2
141.333                         G#3
228.677                         A#3
370                                 F#
598                                 D5
968.63                           B5
1567.24                        G6


     Its now a well known fact that the dark side won't be letting us travel or even be mobile more than a mile or two from our homes. So using sound frequencies levitation from the past, doesn't have to be a pipe dream but a possibility in levitation and teleportation. It wont take an elaborate apparatus, but simple tuning forks,or a recording of tones from the internet, and a harmonic vibration within us.

     Above are mathematical notes on a piano or a sound transmitter, such as ,Played simultaneously, because they are Golden Section or PHI ratio-ed upward, they might be the key, that is pleasing to the Lord of Creation, simply because the Golden Section or PHI, is the design template of Creation. The ratio is multiplying 1.618 upwards, or dividing the higher notes by 1.618 downwards in frequency. Do notice how they almost exactly hit the piano notes.

     I'll go over the rational and meaning of these notes, and co-relation with our bodies resonant frequency as well as the corresponding resonate frequency of matter..... at 370 hertz, the fine structure constant or connecting numeric value between matter and spirit. Its all understandable, and easy to comprehend if a little time is employed. But even without the finer details of why, and knowing the history of Searle, Tesla etc...the process or use-age should work if we tweek it right, and progress. Better to try and fail, than never to have tried at all.

      It involves creating a portal using the Lords science and harmonies in his Creation. You play music basically for pleasure and show .... but this concerns the Lord moving us from one place to another (teleportation) regardless of lock downs and restrictions, etc etc... and its free. Surely you will say or think, that's ridiculous and impossible, but then again you seem oblivious to what is going on around you and in the world. Lack of mobility is one of the key components of the dark sides intent on controlling world populations even beyond their depopulation methods

     I have studied for a long time with frequencies, and vibrations


     So when my interest was peaked by this bogus creation of a portal.. SEE  I felt it strange that the author .... 1, didn't go thru the supposed portal to Sedona, if in fact it was true, and it wasn't and 2, why he used 528 hertz, which is a middle C, and synch-ed it with 525 hertz which creates a beat of three. This being interesting as '3 is everything and is power' as Tesla said many times. And 3 of course being the ratio of two conjoined circles creating the third or birth of another. Its called the vesica pisces. SEE and Study

      This graphic of the vesica pisces, is not just a nice design but the template of creation of new birth as designed for all creation, including heavenly bodies

       Proof of Design in Solar System
       Proof of Design in Human Body

     From the Beginning or Genesis 1, the Lord our Creator told us to propagate and reproduce or recreate.

This being a series, of the coupling of 2 to make three, or as with Adam and Eve coupling to make a third, Seth and onward. In worldly terms it's called the Fibonanci Series.


Its an additive and multiplication factor that approximates 1.618  Note the last two numbers in the sequence or any two numbers  ...... 89/55 equals 1.618181818181818    And it can be determined that the Frequency of sexual mating that produces new life is done at 33 Hertz. SEE Absolute 33 for details. Let's remember that and determine whether we can conjoin or see the relationship of what our ancestors did with the Lords knowledge back in Egypt

SEE Sonic Stone Levitation.....

      Note that the frequency was a 'F sharp' they used to move or levitate. It wasn't magic it was just simply the Lords applied science. Sound waves can't be seen but they can be heard and can have literal power to levitate, so why cant they levitate a person through a portal. Isn't this what (Enoch's) Great Pyramid of Giza do or was suppose to do for the Pharoah's.  Wasn't it intended to be used by the Kings of old to elevate the dead pharoah into the heavenlies. The Great Pyramid was PHI rationed, and its capstone was of the Lord, and now has been removed. And what is the resonant frequency of the Kings Chamber... 'F Sharp'


      Are you catching the links mentally and even spiritually ?

     Therefore we logically should have to finish up our series or chord of frequencies at F sharp or 370 hertz.

And amazingly if we have the Golden Section or PHI series of notes starting at 33 hertz

This phi series of 33.33 times 1.618 equals 53.986 SEE below and don.t be intimidated, just
round them off a bit

33.333      C1

53.986      A1

87.350      F2

141.333   G#3

228.677   A#3

370           F#

     Hence if you tune a six string guitar to the notes above..... you have a Golden Section series or chord
Or you could also play these notes simultaneously at . Just type in the frequency in pure tones on each open window, and together they can make that chord for you to listen to, while you pray or *******.  In so many ways these notes, probably will please the Lord because they each relate back to His Creation.... and could be the Secret Chord that David played.

      33 hertz relates to the capstone Jesus via 3 Spirals to 33  Again a PHI ratio upward in a Phi Pyramid, resourcing the Earth's Resonant Frequency of 7.81 hertz .. which involves lightning, or light traveling around the sacred designed circumference distance of the very special EARTH.  For even the Earth's diameter, is PHI proportioned 8,000 miles

     Is this the lost chord, the secret chord that David played that pleased the Lord. For the Lord would want complete harmony, and nothing could be more harmonic than notes that are Golden Sectioned ratio-ed. It would follow the pattern of the 1st commandment in reproducing the human population. It would follow our image which is the divine IMAGE and proportions of the Lord Himself. Phi is beauty. Phi is strength, and reproduce-able. Aren't the two pillars of the Temple called Beauty and Strength. Isn't the ultimate design of sacred structures patterned after the Golden Section or PHI   SEE Architecture  See PHI Tones

     Yes, this is a mere educated guess, but its based on the fundamental science the Lord has created, and should be applicable as 'knowledge is power'. We don't have to rely on man made inventions planes etc.. but via the Lord should be able to fly or go through His portal created for us

SEE 'Book of Enoch' and portals  SEE

     This is the End Time, when they are trying to stop us from traveling, so now must be the time to access His Power 'literally'. Forget mere theory, lets test and see if the Lord is good, and HE IS. As before, so now, as in the future, so why not now  ?

In My Opinion and according to the Lord's Principles

David Jay Jordan

September 2022

PS. If David played a ten string 'kinnor' so be it, we can add three more notes beyond 370 hertz
(simply by again multiplying by 1.618...... yielding 598.66 - 968.63 - 1567.24 hertz

PPS. 16 hertz is the Resonant Frequency of the granite in the Kings Chamber, so elevating it to 16.5 hertz via chanting or singing, is a possibility, to engage the 33 hertz union gateway to all the above frequencies might be another clue.

598 -          D5
968.63 -     B5
1567.24 -   G 6

     Awesome that tenth note is right on and surely exact. Tenth note if you start with the first note of 16.5 hertz, which can not be heard by the human ear, but is a harmonious with 33 hertz obviously

SEE 16 hertz elevated to 16.5 hertz...this being another confirmation, that we are on the right track.

So why would I send this out to the world including yourselves, if in fact it is true. Well there is a safeguard, as the Lord, always has danger before the victory.... and His ways are ONLY for His people.

Around 33hertz, there is apparently a whole lot of static, and each person that attempts to do what one of the Lords people can do, can face danger, even mortal danger in attempting to do what is reserved for ONLY those who have the Lord within their hearts literally. Once we have the Lord, we literally have a new frequency within, that must be tune with the afore mentioned frequencies and CHORD. Teleportation is possible

     And even though some tuning forks or a recording of this chord might be needed to achieve these results.So be it... it can be possible with the Lord. We have to be able to travel to the Gathering and Last Exodus. And there gain greater strength in unity and literal harmony, no matter what age, gender, intellect, race, nationality we have... We all have to be ONE in HIM literally. IMO

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