But come on thinking the Canary Islands have anything to do with Bible Prophecy, is a bit of a stretch is it not ? Yes, except historically, there are many accounts of Atlantis. Besides history itself and bible history does suggest a highly advanced city state called Atlantis. And it seemed to be have been destroyed by the Lord through various disasters, probably because of their pride, idleness, and abundances like Sodom. And there is mention in Atlantis literature of it, being past Gilbralter. The Canaries are just beyond the stone piller of Gilbralter when sailing out of the Mediterranean Sea. west.

So later when someone web surfing back into the Atlantis awake forum, I saw the Galactic Cross Article, I put together from what I found, and then started researching the Hall of Records benefit, seeing we are the ones who will be fighting the evil one and his minions.. And these things I have written about

Giza Pyramid Time Line

And therein it states that the Hall of Records will be found iin the 21st Century, and we are in the 21st Century. So why wouldnt it found this year, for our Again what has this Hall inside the Great Pyramid have to do with the End Time. Well, it concerns HISTORY, the Hall of Records is the complete straight from the Lord confirmation BOOK from Genesis onward. This all the way forward to the End Time.

Read it for yourself

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