Fisher King Prophecy and Present Interpretation 

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You may never have heard about the Fisher King Prophecy, nevertheless, it should be mentioned, in fulfilling the destiny of our lives in the End Time, before the King of Kings comes (JESUS). Why because it shows the linage of our Lord's End Time King's leadership and events in his life.  

History is literally HIS STORY and is a continuum, from the Beginning in Genesis to the finale in Revelation on to ETERNITY. The  Grail Story intertwined with the two Kings, the Wounded King and the Fisher King has relevance in us. determining our End Time King David.

As we are channeled into the Wasteland of famine, earthquakes, pestilence, and ultimate suppression by the evil ones, we have to have a cure or solution to the problems, and disasters these elite ones have planned against us and planned against the Lord. And the answer is not in mankind standing up against these devilish forces, for mankind is at their mercy, physically and spiritually without the final rescue by the King of Kings. Valiant individual men and women are already doing their part, in warning you, but the majority never break loose, but follow unaware because of their fears and shallowness. They can be and will be sheep for the slaughter. Sad but true.

So study the Fisher King Stories, and learn and apply and know the future and signs. SEE Revelation and Daniel  And don't be put off by me, just writing subject titles from this point forward, that you will be forced to study in connecting up truths from history, scriptures, current events and future prophecy. You have to do your part, as I contribute from my studies, with probable interpretations, and subject areas, and possible truths.

So start with a basic explanation from Wikipedia

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King Arthur
Joseph of Aramathia,
Mary Magdalene
Some answers HERE GRAIL

Jesus Crucifixion,
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Travels of Grail

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Connect up with End Time King David
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Templars, Persecution
Church Persecution
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New Scotland (Nova Scotia)

Seek to Find
Unasked Question
To whom does the Grail Serve .....ANSWER
Fisher Kings Wound and Why
Know sexuality, wound in groin
Know linage, and destiny
Purpose of mankind, reproduction
Fertility versus Fear and Sterilization

Study bad seed, Pre Flood demonic seed
Know genetics, mRNA and genetic manipulation
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Virgins, no penetration, 144,000
Mandatory obedience

True Science versus False Science
True medicine
Tree of Life

Who's the Creator (Evolution or Jesus)
Mutations and variants or Design

Whats the QUESTION

Whats the ANSWER that heals

Whats the history of End Time King David
Follow Me to Fishermen
Casting Net
153 Fish
Tobiah and the healing fish
Secret Sign

IMO More forthcoming


( That's a lot to study, but each piece of history and truth, allows you to get the greater vision of PROPHECY for us in the future. Onward Christian Soldiers )


                       Christian Interpretation of the Fisher King Prophecy

The Wasteland ....... Right now, 2021, we are definitely into the timing of the Great Famine, Great Pestilence via the prophetic start of the worst times ever... 

PEOPLE WILL BE DEPOPULATED OR KILLED. to make more room for the elite. Fertility of the land will be way down. crops lessened so that only the rich can afford food prices. Corporations will be buying up farmland as well as the Gates Foundation, so food can be a means of control over those that can't afford land. Shortages can be man made  NOW, and manipulated to further the majority into obedience into the RESET

Marriages are no longer as possible as before, as the genders have been split, and sterilization through jabs will be the rule, by force rather than choice. The pandemic so called will separate males and females, not just by six feet, but by every means possible. Sex, fertility snd freedoms will only be for the rich and those with high social credit scores. The Land will be dead, and unproductive in the End Times

The religious kings of the Earth, the bogus preachers, ministers, popes etc. will be sterile and fruitless and impotent as they follow the dictates of the few hidden rulers worldwide, that demand compliance of all worldly governments to become one. This being called the NEW WORLD ORDER.

Castle, ...... is the enclaves of religious zeal, that become more and more unenlightened all the time. Ezekiel 34, as the false shepherds feed themselves rather than the sheep of their flocks

Maimed King ....... is surely David Berg, who the Lord used to start the Jesus People, way back in the late 60's. He started well, but finnished poorly as
he became another power hungry and sexual predator, even though espousing some good freedom and liberating principles, The group transitioning into the Children of God ,Family of Love groups, to evade rightful persecution because of his and their deviant ways.

He getting maimed in his older years, via alcholism, and infertility, and impotency. This being his wound to the groin, or genitalia. He turning love into pay for play whoredom for the sisters. demeaning the brothers into lesser slaves, and way below the level of rich paying heathen patrons.

Grail, .......the literal and symbolic cup and platter .... that heals all disease and sins. Its always been the Holy Spirit, but no one ever asks him any question, or challenged any of his laws.... as he rose in supposed superiority over any and all, even suggesting that his words were greater than the Lords words. He saying the words of David were more important than the words of Jesus and the Lords Prophets.

The Grail literally caught the BLOOD of Jesus on the cross, as His BLOOD did cover all sins, when we confess our sins before HIM and others. As before so today, NO difference, Jesus not any earthly King rules all, and when the Grail/Holy Spirit is forgotten and thrown away, only wasteland and destruction follow,

No one asked Berg, who does the Grail serve. They dare not ask or challenge his complete authority. He thought, the Grail served him, even as all the sisters were deemed all HIS and HIS ONLY. The obvious answer if honest is that the Lords vessel and blood and provision serve the Lords people, of all classes,nationalities, gender or so called class or hierarchical level. For with Jesus all are treated as one, and at the same level. They being the ROUND TABLE of KNIGHTS.

Destiny, Linage....... the Earthly Kings purpose was to further the blood line, to be fertile and marry with the right wife of the Lord's choosing, and bear fruit. There had to be continuance of the LINE. This not just from Genesis, through the Old Testament, but through the New Testament and beyond past the Maimed King, to the younger KING ...the FISHER KING ... the End Time King

Fisher King ..... has many references to the literal act of FISHING..not flirty fishing for money and power, but fishing for the hearts of men and women to bring forth real fruit and real saved souls. This is our End Time King David, a linage following the heart of the Lord, as with KING DAVID of OLD.

The Question  ........ probably For whom does the Grail serve .... Is the Grail Quest, a mere myth or do we need to find the Grail, to enable us to be fed by the Grail, supplied by the Grail.  Grail Platter .... is a serving plate, from the abundance of Gods Provision ..... In the END TIME. the Lord feeds us supernaturally in the wilderness by His Grace and Mercy to us...

The Lord provides the water for us in the place prepared for us, Petra-Kadesh Barnea.

This being another sign that the time line is in The Tribulation period before the Lord returns. Sometimes on the Platter is a head, maybe John the Baptists head as the evil ones kill the prophet who appeared before the Lords first advent.

Bleeding LANCE, the lance being a euphanism for bleeding penis.... TURP medically. The Fisher King having a bleeding penius, from the prostrate surgery.... that also prevents his fertility unless Healed, and hence his destiny as King is hindered, until restoration of cured by him answering the Question that should have been asked, and then answered by HIM. The answer preceeds the healing and return to productivity and new life by the appointed King

Many waters can not quench love ......

Look for fishing and fisherman in our End Time King's name and life. We are to be and become..... Fishermen... as with Jesus disciples, as with HIs calling by the sea, as with us, all the way to the END  .....  Matthew 4:19   And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you FISHERS OF MEN.

In My Opinion

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