From Elf  who stated .... on godlike productions forum...

((A message was passed down through my family..

The First shall lay the Sword to Rest..
the Second will claim it for the rest..
the Third will pull it from its sheath,
and awaken Authur from his sleep...

It is also told to our family that the sword
sleeps under Archangel Michael's care in his

(I posted in response)

Much appreciated Elf, and thanks for your input, before End Time King Authur makes the output from the stone.

And rather timely, and I always go by time and the Lords precision, always has a timetable as in Enochs wheel vision. There is a time and place and event for everything.

And as I was determined to state the obvious Blade in the Sword location, that the Catholics turned into a church, maybe for donations, but more probably to try to validate their so called hierarchical dominance of being chosen to keep artifacts from the past... in seconds anyone can look up its location on the internet in Italy.

And then via time and place, note that this could be Excaliber, hidden in plain sight, behind the plexiglass. The sword being accompanied by a chopped off skelital hand, as a WARNING for would be imposter who dare challenge, the guardians that guard. This making it a true possibility, that I still might get into for further explanation.

But let me, go over your guardians unseen family elfs and other creatures beyond our visual sight (in most cases) do exist and do guard, and how much more at Rosayln Chapel..



Lets try for an up-to-date interpretation

The First shall lay the Sword to Rest..

The first in the Arthurian myth or truth or archetype comes from King David of Old as Moses had a staff that empowered him and his troops. King David was a warrior, just as our End Time King will be our commander in chief as stated in the prophecy book called the Bible. (But remember there are two not one, a king and a priestess or spiritual leader and caretaker of the Tabernacle)

First your family's message is in poetic form, as in the Arthurian poems, so obviously you didnt comeup with it just for this thread. King David of Old laid his sword to rest, as he was a 'bloody man' and won the kingdom for the Lord


The Second shall claim it for the rest

Hmm.... David did not build the Temple, but only got the design from the Lord, His son King Solomon was second and found peace because of the sword, but enlarged the kingdom through love, and multiple marriages with his neighbors.
Love not war.

The blade can be a sword of violence and taking by force, OR better through the sword or blade (Male organ) entering in and producing the true kingdom or lineage.


the Third will pull it from its sheath,
and awaken Authur from his sleep...

This references the third King in the lineage, End Time King David, whose placement in the End Time was so referenced in prophecy to lead us in the End.

Remember the sword out of the stone is impossible except by the anointed King of Britan, King Arthur of the End.

He will pull it from the stone..... the stone or sheath shall be soft...and you know what that means sexually, and withdraws the blade... Selah

This awakens from sleep the King Arthur in the End Time, because the time is right and appropriate for his unsheathing or revealing of his power. Not his power but the Lord's power. Again, note the parallels of male and female, as earlier mentioned. His staff shall arise, as with Moses, and his knights shall raise his hands to keep the staff above his head in battle. Read your Bible to understand... and know the Lords power


It lies in the basement of Rosalyn Chapel...

Hmmm.... sounds true..... but its guardians as in the DaVinci Code are human and spiritual, can have the sword, but would never allow access below except to the true and future King Arthur or David. And that King would have had to have gotten the Grail, from the New Land or Nova Scotia to prove his kingship, for this is the only reason they would allow him entry, into the cave of the Grail.. Selah. For only the brave shall enter the virgin ground, and in this case bring the virgin Grail back home to wed with the holy sword or blade.

Again, note the DaVinci Code's ending with Tom Hanks character 's spillt blood turning into a sword, surely inadvance of his knighthood entering into Sophie. (The blade in the chalise). Why because he is the chosen knight for the bride, Sophie (Knowledge) and they shall be one and produce offspring of 144,000 from those that have not been penetrated..

Michael, the archangel at Rosalyn Chapel, that makes sense...... as it relates directly to Daniel the prophets direct words for the endtime as confirmed by Jesus himself in Mathew 24. This again, a seeming confirmation that your poem meshes with the rest of prophecy.



For all of Gods creatures including Elfs serve the Lord of Lords



Daniel 12:1
And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book...........

Obviously this is the End Time, because remember prophecy is future time so you know the timing. Michael is the archangel that helped Daniel and helps us, even though he is called a prince,,, because he serves the King of Kings, just as a knight serves the King, King Arthur Archetype to End Time King David, for the latter is a continuation of the former.

So don't be shocked that the world is going to hell and is worst than any other time that has ever happened.. but we shall be delivered either by death or more service time to the KING OF KINGS. Yet either way we shall serve HIM, thereafter.

He loses none of his SHEEP, one way or the other... cause we have been found in the book of LIFE, so we have received HIM


Excalibur Poem and Interpretation